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Become A Land Surveyor – A Comprehensive Guide


Do you want to choose land surveying as your career path? Amazing! It is becoming a popular career path with time. In this post, we are explaining how to be a land surveyor.

Let us get started.

Land Surveyor Explained

A land surveyor is a person who deals with the property valuation. A land surveyor is also responsible for the property development. Very often, they are known as geometric surveyors.

Basic Duties of The Land Surveyor

Well, a land surveys does below mentioned activities;

  • Measures the shape of the land
  • Record data such as angles, distance, elevations.
  • Gather data for civil engineering work
  • Get information for construction related projects
  • Use data from different sources like aerial pictures, satellite images, satellite surveys, and laser scanners.
  • Collect, analyze, and interpret information that is gathered related to the land
  • Create detailed project plans and blueprints
  • Analyze features of the land

Capabilities of A Land Surveyor

They can use different systems and softwares and deal with the land matters efficiently. Here are some expertise;

  • They can use the GIS geographical information system to gather geographic information.
  • They can work on softwares like CAD computer aided design and BIM building information modeling software.
  • They can use both traditional and modern surveying equipment.
  • Land surveyors can use the latest digital mapping technology.

Working Hours of A Land Surveyor

Your job timing and schedule entirely depends on the company where you are employed. The job of a land surveyor is an on site job so in most cases the working hours are between 38 to 40 hours per week. When you have civil engineering projects, you can also work in the evenings and during weekends. That is totally up to you. Keep in mind that long working hours is the common thing for a land surveyor job.

Travel For Land Surveying Projects

Being a land surveyor, you might have to work away from home. If so, your travel is paid by the employee.

Qualification of A Land Surveyor

To become a boundary disputes surveyor lubbock tx, you need to look for the requirements of your region. Many jobs require an educational certificate from a land surveyor while others can hire you only a diploma in civil engineering. Some companies prefer candidates who have apprenticeships. Here are the multiple options;

  • If you want to have an undergraduate degree from a college or university, you must go for subjects like civil engineering, surveying, geomatics, or geographical information systems.
  • You can have a postgraduate course from a university and can opt for a graduate training scheme.
  • You can have a mapping science degree or geospatial degree apprenticeship from a well reputed organization.

Basic Skills Needed To Be A Land Surveyor

Skills are not something you get through education. Basic skills you can gain from your internships, trainings, or during jobs might include;

  • Attention to detail
  • Time management
  • Mathematical and command on calculations
  • Map understanding
  • Analytical skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Interest in geography
  • Information about current laws and regulations

Happy land surveying!

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