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What To Do If You Hit A Bicycle On The Road?


Roadside accidents are quite common, especially on busy roads. When you are driving on the road you have to be very cautious for the sake of your safety and the safety of other road users as well. However, if you somehow hit a cyclist on the road, you should immediately stop and do what is the right thing to do.

Most people hit and run away which makes their case even more complicated than it already is, and makes things worse for them as well. Instead of running away, here is what you should do.

1. Document The Accident

The first thing to do when you accidentally hit another road user is to stop your car on the side of the road. Make sure that you document the scene by taking pictures and talking to the eyewitnesses. Check the cyclist and see if he is okay. If there are any visible injuries, make sure that you take photographs as proof.

Take photographs of the bicycle and your car to document the damage done to both vehicles. You should also try to get a copy of the emergency response unit and medical report that can help you with the case.

2. Involve Legal Expert

If the cyclist decides to pursue a claim case against you, you should not fight the case alone. Make sure that you hire a legal expert for help. Hiring local lawyers has proven to be beneficial as local lawyers are familiar with the local laws and they can help you avoid serious consequences.

For example, living in Murrieta, CA you can hire a local car accident lawyer murrieta ca to help you proceed with the case. Local accident lawyers can avoid license suspension and other serious verdicts.

3. Refrain From Verbal Arguments

When you are present at the site of the accident, you should refrain from any kind of verbal arguments at all costs. Verbal engagement with the eyewitnesses and the victim can only make things worse for your case. Let your lawyer handle the situation.

When you pass unnecessary statements, this can be used against you in court. Moreover, it will make things worse for your case.

4. Call Your Insurance Company

If you have car insurance, then you should let your lawyer contact your insurance company. You should check your insurance coverage and whether it is going to cover the financial mess you have created or not.

Your lawyer should be accustomed to your insurance package. For example, if you live in Des Moines, IA then let your auto accident lawyer des moines ia handle the insurance company as well.

5. Be Involved In The Case

Lastly, you should not take claim cases lightly. When you are defending yourself in court, make sure that you are taking the matter seriously. This can help you avoid unnecessary stress.

Let your lawyer handle the case, however, you should be fully involved. You should show the court that whatever happened was an accident and you have no intention of doing it again.

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